What we do

For you, every customer is valuable. You love your users, know how they think and are constantly investing in ways to keep your customer churn as low as possible. Making sure trial users convert to paying customers is your prime concern.

Now, Clarke3 makes the power of deep learning available to companies wanting to maximize their customer base. Our Clarke3 neural network is based on cutting-edge deep learning technology and specializes in predicting user behaviour. We train the neural network to get to know your users and identify which users are likely to become paying customers and which users are likely to churn.

We feed this information back into your marketing platform so you can decide how to respond. We deliver the information, you stay in control. Through our insights in your users, we enable you to grow your userbase and retain existing users more intelligently than ever before!

How we work

Increasing your customer base is only three simple steps away:

1. Train

First we tailor the neural network to your specific situation. Based on your anonimized data we train our network to identify disengaging or churning customers. For this we reach out to both your IT-department and your marketeers to determine what data to use and which users to target.

2. Deploy

After finding the optimal model, we deploy it to our online hosted environment and connect it to your existing systems. Our standard offering includes connections to popular marketing systems such as Tripolis and Clang. If you have a proprietary system we offer the option of constructing a custom bridge, or your developers can use our online API. Whichever approach you choose, real-time customer behaviour predictions are now available to you, powered by the magic of deep learning!

3. Improve

Based on the actions your marketing team takes we can improve the model by feeding back results. This means that over time we can shift from predicting to advising: not just telling your team which user to target, but also delivering insight into the best way to convince that user to become your customer.


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